Pineapple pizza haters throw outrage over new ‘swineapple’ trend

omg 07/08/2017

Pork stuffed and bacon wrapped - all centering around one pineapple.

The ‘swineapple’ food creation has sent foodies into a love or hate frenzy after one home-cook posted a picture of their fruit/meat combo creation.

As the name suggests, the dish is created by weaving bacon around the outside of the pineapple, while stuffing a hollowed out centre with deboned pork.

It’s then suggested to be put in the oven or BBQ for roasting for five hours - until the bacon shell is golden and crispy.

While some keen bacon pineapple lovers were keen to tuck into it, many were not keen at the sight of sweet and savoury.

“This looks like it would be awesome if I could actually stand the taste of pineapple,” said one comment on Imgur.

“Fruit and meat should never go together,” said another.

The recipe listed here suggests the swineapple can serve from 2-4 people.