Squiggly eyebrows could become the next beauty trend

omg 29/08/2017

Tired of having normal eyebrows?

A new trend has emerged amongst beauty bloggers and make-up artists where eyebrows are in the shape of squggly lines.

The shape of the eyebrows are created by using washable non-toxic PVA glue to flatten brow hairs in one direct, then using a coverage concealer to hide the hair.

To draw on the thick wavy lines, a black gel liner mixed with brow powder defines the look. 

But how has this become a trend? One beauty instagrammer, Promise Tamang, revealed to Pop Sugar that she had seen a Photoshopped squiggly brows image online that had been inspired to try it out in real life - and many others have taken the challenge on to recreate it with other bold colours.

It's definitely a bold look to raise a few eyebrows...