Stubborn kids more likely to be successful when they grow up says new study

omg 08/08/2017

Most of us would admit to being stubborn as a child on more than one occassion, but a recent study has shown that their may be huge benefits later on in life for kids who were consistantly stubborn growing up.

The study of 700 children (which began in the 60s), has shown that those who were considered stubborn as children have now gone on to work in higher paying jobs than their pairs. The stubborn child's ability to stick up for themselves and hold their ground tends to carry through later in life and is seen as the main reason for the higher pay packet.

But it's not all rainbows and unicorns for stubborn kids, the study also found that they were highly competitive and would often put that fact over creating long lasting personal relationships.

So if you're not already a stubborn person, it might be a good idea to not suddenly become one in search of a pay rise!

Source: MummyPages