Supermarket surprises customers by removing all its foreign made products

omg 25/08/2017

A German supermarket removed all international products from its shelves for a day.

The Edeka store in Hamburg said it wanted to confront racism and highlight how reliant people are on other countries for everyday products.

The supermarket places signs around the store reading 'This shelf is quite boring without variety', 'Our selection knows borders today', and 'So empty is a shelf without foreigners'.

Surprised customers entered the store to find most of their regular selection had disappeared.

An Edeka spokesperson said "Edeka stands for diversity and we produce a wide range of food in our assortment, which is produced in the different regions of Germany. But it is together with products from other countries that we create the unique diversity that our customers value."

Edeka is Germany's largest supermarket chain, and is well known for their viral advertising campaigns.

It is expected that this move will be followed by a larger campaign.