The ages that kids should be able to do these basic every day tasks

life 28/08/2017

A recent study by My Nametags has given an indication into modern parenting. The study looked at 2000 parents and asked them what age they thought their kids should be able to do a variety of tasks, this is what the results showed...

Age 7

  • Ride a bike by themselves

Age 8

  • Tie their shoelaces
  • Put on their own clothes
  • Brush their teeth without help

Age 9

  • Earn pocket money
  • Set the table
  • Bath or shower without help

Age 10

  • Be allowed to chose what they wear
  • Have friends over for sleepovers
  • Go to a friends place overnight
  • Get ready without help
  • Fold their own clothes
  • Put dishes away

Age 11

  • Have a tablet or other device
  • Have a TV in their room

Age 12

  • Walk to school alone
  • Surf the internet alone
  • Play at a park unsupervised

Age 13

  • Be in the house by themselves
  • Go to the shops alone

Age 14

  • Have a Facebook account
  • Have their own house key
  • Buy their own clothing
  • Have a boyfriend/girlfriend come to visit

Age 16

  • Have friends over when parents are away
  • Go out after dark

Source: Mirror