The amount of germs that spread when blowing out a birthday cake will disgust you

omg 01/08/2017

Birthdays are some of most fun days of the year! But on top of the delicious looking birthday cake, potentially lies something truly gross.

A recent study has shown that blowing out the candles on the cake can often cause a huge amount of germs to spread...

“Blowing out the candles over the icing surface resulted in 1400% more bacteria compared to icing not blown on,” said the researchers

“[due] to the transfer of oral bacteria to icing by blowing out birthday candles, the transfer of bacteria and other microorganisms from the respiratory tract of a person blowing out candles to food consumed by others is likely.”

“Some people blow on the cake and they don’t transfer any bacteria. Whereas you have one or two people who really for whatever reason…transfer a lot of bacteria.”

They did add however that it is highly unlikely that this spread of bacteria would have any lasting effects on health. 

We'll never look at a birthday cake the same way again!

Source: Hello Giggles