This company will pay someone $35,000 to try out different hens dos

omg 23/08/2017

HenHeaven, a company which specialises in making hens do extraordinary is on the look out for someone to join their team.

The company will pay someone $35,000 to be their 'head vlogger'. As part of the job you'll be jet setting across the world going to pool parties in Vegas, Mardi Gras street parties, luxury spas, cocktail making and simply videoing your journey along the way.

Why would someone pay to just go and have a good time, you ask? Well the company just wants some travel blog styled videos for their YouTube channel, to showcase all the different ideas there are for a hens night. They're looking for someone with character and charm and they even say experience isn't required as there'll be some others travelling with you to do all of the technical stuff.

So if you're after a bit of a change of pace from your regular 9-5, this might be the perfect thing!

Source: Metro