Workplace criticised for saying they'll only hire 'attractive’ staff

omg 01/08/2017

A bar in the UK has received a huge amount of backlash after posting a controversial job advert online. The ad lists the usual attributes one expects from a job in hospitality, the ability to easily and quickly handle cash and card payments, having a fun, lively and positive attitude and impeccable customer service.

However, one attribute has raised eyebrows, the bar says the successful applicant must be attractive - they've even written it in the application!

"physical attractiveness is also unfortunately necessary for this role" the ad reads.

Photo credit: Twitter: @missnicolathorp

As you'd expect, the bar received a huge amount of backlash online.

"This is ridiculous. How demeaning." wrote one person.

"How does one measure physical attractiveness?" rightly questioned someone else.

While someone else described the ad as "outdated garbage".

Do you think it's fair for employers to make their decisions based on appearance?