‘Mummy Wine Festival’ polarises millennials and parents

omg 29/09/2017

“Babes on the hips, wine on the lips.”

That was the slogan organisers of "A Very Mommy Wine Festival" are defending after they came under fire for putting a mum-focused get-together that mixes motherhood and alcohol.

The organisation, MomsTO in Toronto, say they are trying to reinvent “how maternity leave works and feels" for millennial mums, describing the event as a "marquee mommy meet-up, featuring wines from across the globe."

"This is the place for mommies to come together and celebrate this crazy life journey with their little humans. It is an action packed festival for moms, by moms. It's an opportunity for you to do something fun for you,” says the event description.

The organisers say it was to bring like-minded mums together who may be isolated and lonely during their motherhood journey and maternity leave.

However, people were concerned that the festival sends the wrong message to new mums. "Craving connection is one thing," said one author to the Toronto Star. "Mixing booze and babies is another."

"Call me critical," said another writer, "but is there not something intrinsically disturbing about mothers getting "their wine on — big time" while they bounce their babies? Since when did wine and motherhood become synonymous?"

MomsTO founder, Alana Kayfetz, responded to the criticism by writing her own letter to The Star, defending her organisation that had been "inaccurately portrayed".

"We create a safe and fun space for new moms to connect. We give women permission to be human. We put their well-being first. A witty event tag line is not our call to action. We tried "Mommies that like to drink tea," but nobody came."

"Wine is always optional," she wrote.