Being married may be good for your health says study

we love 06/09/2017

A recent study has shown that being married has big benefits for heart health and a lot of it simply comes down to someone simply being around you.

“Marriage, and having a spouse at home, is likely to offer emotional and physical support on a number of levels, ranging from encouraging patients to live healthier lifestyles, helping them to cope with the condition, and helping them to comply with their medical treatments.” one of the researchers said.

“Our findings suggest that marriage is one way that patients can receive support to successfully control their risk factors for heart disease, and ultimately, survive with them.”

The study also found that divorced participants who had “high blood pressure or a previous heart attack had lower survival rates than married parents with the same condition.”

So next time your spouse gives you grief, just remember that having them around could be helping you stay healthy!

Source: MummyPages