Couple accused of being cheap after charging their wedding guests

omg 22/09/2017

Ben and Clare never thought they'd be able to afford their dream wedding, but they came up with an idea that would allow them to do just that!

The wedding, in total, would've cost $17,000 - but Ben found a way to get that number way down to just $3,000... By charging his wedding guests!

"I sold it to them a bit like an all-inclusive holiday, so all the food and drinks will be incorporated in that cost,” Ben told the BBC.

"The venue also has a spa, an indoor swimming pool, a games room, it's very close to local amenities, there's a lake, so it is like a little holiday resort."

“The way I see it is they’re getting a weekend away, which is basically a holiday, and we get a free wedding. It works for everyone,”

"People always pay a large amount of money to go to a wedding anyway, so why not have it paying towards the actual wedding rather than just to a business owner?”

The couple have been accused of being cheap by others online, while others see it as clever thinking. What do you think?

Source: Nine