Doing household chores could save your life says study

life 29/09/2017

Despite how much you hate gardening, doing the dishes or cleaning the floors - it’s better for you in the long run!

New research from McMaster University in Canada has found doing physical household chores five times a week for half an hour decreases your risk of death by 28 percent and that of heart disease by 20 percent.

They found the more exercise you do, you’re better off you are - and it doesn’t matter what sort of exercise it may be. By being active for 750 minutes a week, you slash your chances of an early death by almost 40 percent, the study revealed.

Researchers tracked 130,000 people for seven years. The participants were aged 35 to 70, located in 17 different countries, and kept record over their socioeconomic status, lifestyle behaviors, and medical history amongst other things.

The study uncovered that if everyone got 150 minutes of physical activity each week, eight percent of deaths would be prevented and the rate of people with cardiovascular illness would go down almost five percent.

"Meeting physical activity guidelines by walking for as little as 30 minutes most days of the week has a substantial benefit, and higher physical activity is associated with even lower risks,” said researcher Dr Scott Lear.

A good reminder that you don’t need a gym to get moving!