Eating a single raisin could curb your food cravings

life 26/09/2017

Worried about your snacking habits? Just eat one raisin!

The author of The Good Mood Kitchen, Leslie Korn, says that chewing on a single raisin for a couple of minutes can help stop your hunger pangs.

The trick is to pick up the raising and feel the texture of it between your fingers, allowing your mouth to salivate before you place it on your tongue.

Then after putting the raisin in your mouth, play with it until you begin to chew.

When you’ve consumed it - imagine the fruit traveling down into your stomach and ask yourself "What does my body really need?"

”The raisin exercise couples our awareness with our ability to exert control over our 'automatic' reactions,” Leslie Korn told the New York Post.

In other words, it suppresses the impulse to eat more while you’re feeling stressed, and relaxes your heart and breathing rates that are associated with anxiety.

But if raisins aren’t your thing, Leslie Korn says a small bite of anything could work - including chocolate!