Grandparents who babysit their grandkids live longer lives

we love 15/09/2017

Here’s a good excuse to use when you need a babysitter!

A new study from the Berlin Aging study suggests older adults who care for their grandchildren could live longer lives.

The research looked at more than 500 people who were at least 70 years old, and saw that those who took on a role as a caretaker had one-third less of a risk of dying over a 20 year period, compared to those who didn’t take part in childcare.

Half of the grandparents who were caretakers were still alive ten years after the study began.

The researchers noted that caregiving among older adults was linked to a longer life, even if the child was not a relative.

Experts say the findings suggest that for older adults, caregiving may offer purpose in life and make them feel useful. It may also provide benefits associated with keeping physically and mentally active.

The study however didn’t include grandparents who were primary caregivers; only those who cared for grandchildren occasionally.