Heroic groom saves drowning boy on his wedding day

omg 27/09/2017

A groom has hit international headlines for all the right reasons after forgoing dry wedding attire to rescue a young child drowning in a river.

Clayton and Brittany Cook were posing for wedding photos on their big day when the newlyweds noticed that a young boy had been pushed into the water by another child.

While many would hesitate to get their wedding suit drenched with water, Mr Cook jumped in without reluctance, grabbed him by the waist and lifted him onto dry land.

"His face was underwater and he was fighting - like, he was really fighting," he told CTV News.

"Luckily, he was only a little guy... and I honestly just sort of hopped him up."

Their photographer Darren Hatt was of course well-placed to capture all the drama as it unfolded, snapping a number of images of the rescue - and now those photos have gone worldwide.

Images of the rescue were shared widely on social media, with the original post garnering 2700 likes and nearly 800 shares.

"A special shout out to last night's groom Clayton!" a caption on Mr Hatt's Instagram read.

"His quick action saved the little guy who was struggling to swim. Well done sir!"