Public save dog running loose over Auckland's Harbour Bridge

NZ 25/09/2017

A man has attempted to catch a dog on Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Police said they received a number of calls just after 3pm regarding the dog running across the median strip.

According to NZ Herald, Frank, 2 - who suffers from separation anxiety - was socialising with a group of fellow French bulldogs at Point Erin in Herne Bay when he escaped from the pack around 3pm, startled by a boy running.

Witness Geoff Glanville filmed the small French bulldog running down the motorway.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has shared that the dog is now safe.

NZTA told Newshub someone was walking the dog in a nearby park before it ran onto the bridge and was hit by a car.

However, the dog managed to escape with just cuts and bruises.