Mum confesses to not washing her hands but doesn't get the support she hoped for

omg 25/09/2017

A mum has taken to the Mumsnet forum to get something off of her chest, the fact that she doesn't wash her hands after going to the toilet. It may seem like a strange thing to confess to total strangers, but her message really got some people fired up!

“I know this is going to make some people furious, but does everyone, honestly always wash their hands after going to the loo?” her post began.

“I definitely don’t after a wee, and (to my shame) even loiter a couple of seconds extra in other people’s bathrooms so they’ll think I have.”

“The exception is I ALWAYS wash my hands in public toilets – because of the public shame! Tell me I’m not alone.”

People were quick to jump in on the mum, with few showing their support...

“I wash my hands after using the loo and every time I come into the house and before I eat. I never get stomach bugs.” wrote one person

“Just because your hands don’t look dirty, doesn’t mean they’re clean! Germs can’t be seen with the naked eye.” complained someone else.

Another added: “You’ve just touched your bum (germs pass through toilet paper) and you don’t wash your hands and then go and touch other people and other things and spread germs everywhere. That’s disgusting.”

There was some support for the mum however, “I’ll wash them before making food obviously but if I’m just going back to my normal business I don’t bother.” confessed another mum.

What do you think, disgusting or no harm done?

Source: Mumsnet