Mum considers scrapping X-Mas presents because she's sick of toys around the house

parenting 18/09/2017

A mum is consider cancelling Christmas toys for her kids after having a guts full of seeing toys across the floor. In her eyes, the kids have enough toys as it is so she sees no need to spend more money on more of them. 

"Having recently done a clear out, I just can't see how either of them will benefit from getting more toys." the mum says.

"Countless relatives have been in touch asking what to get them and I've said I'll have a think."

"The truth is, I don't like the idea of their bedrooms and our living room overflowing without toys."

"They are well entertained with what they already have. I know my eldest would be devastated if she doesn't get any toys from santa so I'll no doubt go through the motions."

"I've tried telling relatives not to buy any cumbersome toys but I get the feeling that's going on one ear and out the other."

"Am I being cruel? Is the house being covered in toys just something I'll have to get used to?"

The mum received a mixed response from other Mumsnet users.

"Christmas is magical for little ones, and I think opening quite a few presents is part of it. It doesn't need to be over the top, but at 1.5 and 3, a few more toys, a few more soft toys.. just for the excitement of opening the boxes." one person said

But some people happened to agree with the mother...

"Most kids have far too much. We didn't buy our kids anything for Xmas last year!"

Do you think the mum's decision is fair?

Source: The Sun