Mum shares son's new uplifting daily ritual

we love 29/09/2017

A mum has shared her son's new daily ritual on Facebook and it's going viral...

"It's something so simple, yet has the potential to profoundly change his life. Every morning he thinks of one or two things he's looking forward to that day."

"Little things like having gym class or getting pizza for lunch," explained the mum. 

"In effect, he's training his mind to focus on the positive, which in turn, improves his entire attitude and outlook."

"This morning as we drove to school, I decided to extend his idea to the rest of us. I asked each of the kids to tell me one thing they were looking forward to today," making the day ahead a little bit brighter for the kids.

"I also believe that we can train ourselves to focus on the positive instead of the negative."

She then encouraged her followers online to try it out in their own lives "I bet it won't take long to notice an improvement in your attitude, and in turn, your life."