Mum wants to change child's name after claiming it 'doesn't work' in real life

omg 01/09/2017

A woman has taken to Mumsnet after having thoughts about changing her child's name.

The mum begins her post by writing that her daughter "was born on Halloween (2016) and I named her Autumn. I really like the look of it and the sound of it in my head."

"Since using it as a name, it doesn't seem to work as well as it did in my head? Lots of people don't get it."

"My mum actually makes jokes about it - 'I can't wait to see my grandaughter who hasn't got a proper name' or she directly speaks to her and says 'you might as well have been named 'Season'."

People were quick to jump in with their views...

"I'm not keen on this as a first name, and imagine if she ends up marrying someone with the last name Winter." one person commented.

"Yes change it. At this point she's too young to know any different." pointed out another.

While others were quick to side with the mother, others saw nothing wrong with the name at all!

 "I can guarantee that no one else feels as strongly about your daughter's name as your mum. I like Autumn." one wrote.

"Autumn is a perfectly valid, and lovely, name. Do you like it...? Because she's your daughter, not your mum's!" another asked

How would you approach this situation?

Source: The Sun