Signals that indicate you're in a bad restaurant

funny stuff 01/09/2017

On Monday, Twitter asked people what are the #SignsOfABadRestaurant. And while there were some hilarious responses, some were not kidding about what they saw in actual eating establishments.

Next time you're in a restaurant, keep an eye out for some of these tell-tale signs, so you can get out while you still can.

  • "You ask the waitress what she recommends and she says 'leaving'."
  • "Menu says: All our meat died of natural causes!"
  • "There's a sign in the bathroom that says 'employees must wash feet'."
  • "The staff refuses their free meal each shift."
  • "Sushi place with a pizza oven. Yes, I've been to one."
  • "The rice on your sushi is moving."
  • "The entire place smells like hot dogs ... and they don't serve hot dogs."
  • "The food is cold and the beer is warm."