Supermarket creates the Wine Advent Calendar for Christmas

omg 19/09/2017

It might be too soon to think about Christmas - but it isn't too soon to think about wine, right?

Instead of fighting with your family or workmates over the chocolate advent calendar this year, a supermarket in Britain has finally created the dream we've wished for many Christmases past - the wine advent calendar.

Photo credit: Aldi

The wine advent calendar, created by European supermarket Aldi, features 24 small but happy bottles of wine - ranging from white, red, sparkling and rose. Collectively, it is the equivalent of six full bottles of wine, with most of them originating from France, except for the Italian and Spanish sparklings.

Selling from mid November, the advent calendar costs just over $90 NZD - which prices at $3.70 a tiny bottle. And while Kiwi supermarkets have yet to jump onto this brilliant idea, there are options to always create your own wine advent calendar at home: