Troll doll owners are selling their toys for thousands online

omg 26/09/2017

Those childhood troll dolls could be worth a lot of money, if you’ve still got them in good condition.

The original wild and bright haired dolls are being listed on auction sites eBay for prices up to £10,000 (more than $19,000 NZD.)

Avid toy collectors have been known to pay a bit of money for some of the classic toys created by Danish fisherman Thomas Dam.

A 1965 Viking Dam Troll for example can sell for $290NZD on average, depending on the condition. But giant versions of the Troll dolls like this 1979 Henry version could earn you $360NZD.

However, if you think you’ve got a limited edition Troll, you need to make sure it still has the the unique stamp and easily-identifiable cone-shaped head to prove its worth.

Source: Stylist