Weatherman does a bad job of hiding his fart live on TV

funny stuff 07/09/2017

Flatulence during live broadcasts is unlikely to be a rarity - although it's likely it's usually concealed by a well-timed clearing of the throat or squeak of the shoe.

However one Emmy Award-winning weatherman refused to deploy any of those tactics when he let rip himself, resulting in one of the most noticeable and unapologetic farts in broadcasting history.

Giving the temperatures for Florida regions on NBC15, Chris Dunn stopped mid-sentence to pass wind, briefly stepping out of shot and forcing toxic gases out of his rear end.

The moment was truly odd, almost as though Dunn was trying to make the flatulence as obvious as possible - his fart was very audible and the pause immediately beforehand foreshadowing what was to come.

Afterwards Dunn, NBC15's chief meteorologist, gave the camera a slight smile as he continued his forecast, as though he was acknowledging the passing of wind.

Neither NBC15 nor Chris Dunn have spoken about the incident since it aired on Tuesday night (US time).