Women more likely than men to be a 'crazy cat person' says study

omg 14/09/2017

Turns out there may be a bit of truth to the 'crazy cat lady' stereotype after all.

A recent study has looked at a group of people and the number of animals they each had, the results showed that women were more likely to have a large number of cats than men were.

In fact, women were 75% more likely to have a large amount of any animal.

When asked if martial status was a factor in the results, the researchers answered that most individuals most people with a large number of cats "did not have a partner and lived alone… In this sense, living with animals would provide emotional comfort to hoarders who present difficulties in effective relationships."

The study also showed that excessive cat owners tended to struggle with human interaction and the large number of cats were often used as a way to compensate for that.

Source: Metro