10 Cheap simple pleasures of life to make you happier

life 03/10/2017

It's long been said that it's the little things in life that really count, and now a study of the UK has backed that claim up.

The study looked at 2000 in a range of ages and asked them about their most preferred simple pleasures in life. The study came back with some interesting results, one being that most people tend to pay more attention to the little things as they got older.

 “People can go to great expense to buy lavish gifts or go on outlandish holidays but, as often as not, we get intense pleasure from the simple things in life.” the study said.

See the list of the 10 most popular cheap and simple pleasures below...

  1. Kiss and cuddle
  2. Laughing
  3. Clean sheets
  4. Stroking a pet
  5. Bargains
  6. A compliment
  7. Finding money
  8. Hearing from an old friend
  9. Doing a good deed
  10. A lazy Sunday

Source: Mirror