Apple iPhone 8 Plus phones are splitting open

omg 03/10/2017

Apple is investigating reports its brand new iPhone 8 Plus handsets are splitting open.

Social media posts appear to show the new phones, which start at $1749 in New Zealand, with the screens coming off.

In some photos the screens appear to have expanded and bent in the middle; in others, one end has completely detached while the phone is still in its original packaging.

One user says her phone split open while it was charging.

None of the faulty phones appear to have been on fire or damaged by faulty batteries, like the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 range.

Dozens of Galaxy Note 7 phablets smoked and caught fire in 2016, leading to a worldwide recall.

The two social media posts documenting the problems with the iPhone 8 Plus are both from people in Asia.

Apple says it is investigating the reports.