Cheap $1 cleaner ranked one of the best in NZ

omg 18/10/2017

A $1 Necessities brand cleaner from The Warehouse was one of the top performers in testing performed by Consumer New Zealand. 

The organisation recently studied the performance of 15 different multi-use cleaners and wipes. 

The top performers were Mr Muscle Glass and Surface Multipurpose Cleaner, $4.20, Easy Off Bam Grease and Sparkle Power Cleaner, $6.49, and The Warehouse Necessities Multipurpose Cleaner, $1.

Pre-treated cleaning wipes were singled out as being less effective. 

"Pre-treated cleaning wipes have become more prevalent in the cleaning aisle," Consumer NZ said.

"They're easy to use, the packs are generally resealable, and there's little mess. But our previous test found wipes consistently performed worse than spray cleaners."

Consumer New Zealand chief executive Sue Chetwin told Stuff the test results proved more expensive did not necessarily mean better. 

"It shows the value of our testing. It's not very much on a one-off basis, but if you think of all the multipurpose cleaners you buy it does start to mount up. If you can get it for a sixth of the price, you're doing well."