Couple get photobombed by inflatable dinosaur on their wedding day

funny stuff 25/10/2017

A couple have shared the hilarious moment they realised they were being chased by an inflatable dinosaur during their wedding photos.

"Favourite part of our wedding day? Being chased by a T-Rex!" the couple wrote on Reddit.

The couple revealed that they planned to make a grand entrance into their wedding reception by coming out to the Jurassic Park theme tune, as it's the groom's favourite movie. The entrance was made complete with the best man's little brother dressing up in an inflatble T-Rex suit and chasing the bride and groom in.

People can't get enough of the photo online, with one person even suggesting they should use it as a way to mark their special day.

"Wedding pictures that are beautiful with the couple being mesmerized by each other? Yes, beautiful, but maybe not memorable. This picture though? Use it for you 'thank you for attending' card, you'll be legendary."

"Hilarious photo, but your dress! I love it! You look stunning!" added someone else.

We're sure the wedding guests won't be forgetting this moment anytime soon!

Source: Metro