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Dad writes the perfect set of rules for his kids

we love 06/10/2017

A Dad in Australia has put together an awesome set of rules for his two boys to live by.

He named it ‘The Johnson Boys Code of Conduct’ and the list is an excellent example of honest parenting at its finest.

It can be difficult for both of us at times;

but it's for good reason, and it will change. On-going and ever-evolving, like you boys.

The list has a strong focus on respect:

On meeting a lady or an elder, remove your hat on greeting them and provide a positive comment.

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to raise a hand or mentally abuse a woman. Ever.

It’s not all serious though; there are some classic life lessons on the list too:

You can leave a beer unfinished, but never miss your shout.

Check out some of our favourites from the list below:


Offer assistance, guidance and support to those less fortunate, in wealth, wisdom or strength.


Always go into public like you are about to meet the “love of your life.


Go after women that you perceive to be "out of your league". You'll surprise yourself mate.


When you meet someone wearing medals, shout them a beer. Even if you can't afford one for yourself.


NOTHING looks more 'bad arse' than a well-tailored suit and a properly tied tie


Drink tea.


Fun, honesty, enthusiasm and goodwill are infectious; spread it!