Daughter asks if she's allowed to sell family jewellery for something else she prefers

omg 26/10/2017

A daughter has taken to Mumsnet to ask if she should be able to sell a bracelet that her late grandma gave to her in order to buy something else that she prefers the look of.

"When I was 13 (20 years ago) my nan bought me a solid yellow gold bracelet for Christmas. It’s like a chunky curb style, and my mum wouldn’t let me wear it because she was afraid I’d lose it. She said I could have it when I turned 18." she wrote.

"I’ll be honest it’s not my style and never has been, I prefer minimal jewellery, usually delicate white gold pieces."

"My nan died 4 years ago, and I’ve been thinking of selling the bracelet to a jewellers and getting a charm for my charm bracelet with my nan’s favourite stone (every charm I have signifies something or someone to me). I figured this is better than never wearing a bracelet because I don’t really like it."

"Mum is very sentimental about keepsakes and is upset, says I should either wear it or not wear it, but not sell it."

"Am I right in thinking it’s not her call what I do with my jewellery"

Her post has seen a huge response online, with the feedback being quite mixed.

"It sounds very controlling considering it's not her property and never has been." wrote one person.

"Maybe sell it to her so you can get the one you want and she gets to keep that one as it’s obviously special to her?" suggested one person.

Do you think its fair for the daughter to sell this family treasure?