Disney is hiring someone to cruise the world dressed as a Princess full time

omg 04/10/2017

Disney is on the hunt for people willing to dress up as a Disney Princess and travel the world, sounds hard right?

The company has described it as a ‘job opportunity of a lifetime’ and say the role will offer a ‘unique opportunity for those looking to grow, excel and work’. Once you've donned your Disney princess get up, you'll be tasked with entertaing the passengers on board.

'With incredible itineraries that visit exciting destinations around the world, crew and officers can chart the course for an unforgettable adventure with Disney Cruise Line.' the job description reads.

You'll have to move to the US (although you will be travelling all over the place), work 7 days a week and be over 21... But you will be getting paid for it all!

If dressing up as a Disney Princess isn't your style, there is a whole range of other jobs available on their website.

Source: Metro