Gin and vodka could save you from your hayfever this summer

omg 03/10/2018

While summer brings out the barbecues, the beach days and the big tubs of ice cream – it also brings an awful time for allergies.

Runny noses, watery eyes, endless sneezing… it can be a season of suffering for those who are prone to hayfever.

However, according to Asthma UK, a cure for hayfever can be found in something as simple as a simple gin and tonic.

Drinking clear spirits like gin and vodka can help to curb hayfever-like symptoms in the summer. Gin also doesn’t contain sulphites – which is a group of compounds known to trigger asthma and other allergy symptoms.

But drinking beers and ciders can worsen asthma and hayfever symptoms due to its fermentation and high histamine content.

Of course, everything comes in moderation – but perhaps swapping the summer time beer for a vodka soda could be one helpful way to stop the sneezing.