Men spend twice as much time relaxing as women do says study

omg 13/10/2017

A recent study has some bad news for women, men spend twice as much time relaxing as they do!

The results found that on days off, men were more often than not getting assistance from their spouse with childcare and chores - but when women had days off, they received much less help.

“Household tasks and child care are still not being shared equally, even among couples who we expected would have egalitarian views of how to share parenting duties.” the study said.

“During the study, these couples were setting up routines that may last several years as the kids grow. Couples need to be having these conversations from the first few months.”

“Traditionally the man concentrates on market work while the other partner, traditionally the woman, focuses on nonmarket work such as housework or childcare.”

On average, men spend 101 minutes a day completely relaxing, while women only manage 46.

The experts suggested having a plan for parenthood as soon as the child is born to ensure that the load is spread evenly and fairly throughout the child's life.

Source: MummyPages