Mum annoyed after in-laws gift her a $1 chocolate bar for her birthday

omg 18/10/2017

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to express her anger over the birthday gift she received from her in-laws.

"I've been married to my dear husband for 15 years." her post began.

"We don't live near his family, but he made the effort to visit them whilst working nearby a few weeks back."

"They made a big deal about him bringing back a present for my birthday for me. He said it was probably jewellery by the size and shape of the gift and that they had all chipped in for it."

"It sat on the side looking at me for 2 weeks. I opened it and it's a bar of green and black's chocolate."

"Am I being unreasonable to be upset that they made no effort whatsoever?"

"For previous birthdays his parents alone have given me a $20 gift card, so its weird that between six working adults they've managed a $1.50 bar of chocolate, right?"

The woman went on to add that her husband said she should be grateful that his parents chose her favourite flavour.

People were split over the gift, with many people coming to the woman's defence.

"Chocolate?! In a gift bag?! It's almost like they are actually taking the ****. They all chipped in?? What the..."

Someone else asked if there was " any chance part of it could have gone missing? It seems weird that they made such a fuss about him bringing that back."

Do you think the woman has the right to be annoyed, or is she being a bit ungrateful?

Source: The Sun