Mum attacked online after asking what to make her husband for lunch

life 11/10/2017

A young Australian mother has caused controversy for asking a Facebook group what to make her husband for lunch.

Maddie, a 26-year-old mother, asked the 26,186 members of the Australian based "North Shore Mums" group what she should pack for her husband.

"I would love to hear what other mums make their hubbies for lunch and snacks throughout the work day," she posted. "We are getting over sandwiches."

Other members of the group replied scolding Maddie for making her husband's lunch. 

"Your husband is a grown up and you're not his mother," one commenter said.

Another said: "Our advice is to stop making his lunches."

But some mums were supportive of Maddie.

 "Good on you! My husband is a builder, and his job is so physical, and he is so hands on at home! It's the least I can do," one said.

Another mum commented: "I think it's pretty crappy to assume someone is a slave or 1950s housewife for making lunch. Feminism is about choice."

Maddie turned off comments on the post, but not before page administrators removed the nastiest.

"I'm actually so devastated about some of these comments," wrote Maddie.

Speaking about her husband she said, "he works in an extremely physically demanding job, he does housework, he cooks dinner every second night,"

"The least I can do is make him a bloody sandwich."

There has been no comment yet about whether or not the abusive comments broke one of the main rules of the page: "Be nice. Everyone does things differently, so respect that. "