Mum causes debate after saying she doesn't want her adult son moving back home

parenting 09/10/2017

A woman has caused some debate online after admitting she'd rather her 24 year old son didn't move home.

"I'm married with three sons 24, 21 and 18. All three have left home (youngest to uni last month) and I have to say we are enjoying life as a married couple despite the nest being empty!"

"The eldest has lived away from home since he started uni, and has this week decided he is going to apply for a job close to us, and move back in to save money!"

"I should add he hasn't asked, he's just decided he will be better off financially, and is expecting us to welcome him with open arms! Quite honestly, I'm horrified at the prospect."

"I don't want to go back to doing his laundry or taking another person into account when deciding what to cook for dinner. Am I being unreasonable?"

People were quick to voice their views and they were fairly evenly split!

"He's 24, he hasn't been a child for years. You don't commit to having them live with you forever just because you gave birth to them." one person argued.

Another totally agreed, adding "you are not being unreasonable at all, and allowing him to move back only for his own convenience wouldn't be doing him any favours.

But other mums were more sympathetic to the son's cause.

"I can't envisage a time when I'd ever refuse to let one of mine come back to live." one wrote.

"My kids will always have a home with me if they need it." said another.

Do you think the mum was being fair or unreasonable?

Source: The Sun