Mum encourages parents to say 'yes' to their kids more often

parenting 19/10/2017

An online blogger has suggested parents start saying 'yes' to their kids more often and has even given some advice on how it can be achievable on any budget.  

She calls it the 'yes half hour'. Basically for 30 minutes she answers all of her son's requests positively. She believes the results had a hugely positive impact on her son's attitude.

She gave her son a set of rules (including a budget) and for that half an hour he went nuts in store buying whatever he wanted. On his wish list was halloween decorations, hot dogs, chips, bagels and other treats - all of which he was able to get.

When he arrived home, he was met with cheers from his siblings for the dinner that he chose.

"The whole time and felt like a million dollars walking into the house and getting cheers from the big kids for the awesome dinner he picked out (last nights homemade chili didn't get the same reaction, but I digress). He felt heard and proud and loved being in charge." the mum wrote.

The mum adds that you could do something like this with any amount of time of money - you could even do it with stuff around the house.

"Here's to the YES HALF HOUR my friends. It can happen anywhere and any time. You don't have to be a planner or a millionaire..."