Parents actually do have a favourite child, says study

life 09/10/2017

The Journal of Consumer Psychology has recently finished up a survey to find out if parents do in fact have a favourite child.

The study got a group of mums and dads to make a series of financial decision which would impact either a hypothetical son or a daughter.

90% of parents said they didn’t have a preferred child, but their results as a group showed differently.

“Mothers consistently favoured daughters, whereas fathers consistently favoured sons,” the researchers said.

For example, parents were asked to buy a raffle ticket and gift it to either a son or daughter. Most went with their own gender.

“This is consistent with the idea that people tend to spend money on things that align with their identity,” they added.

“Gift-giving to one’s children can be a way for parents to bolster their sense of identity and live vicariously through their children.”

Do you think there’s any truth to this in your family?

Source: MummyPages