Parents criticised after giving their children a 'wedding photoshoot'

omg 13/10/2017

2 mums have documented their children's (aged 3 and 5) pretend wedding with a photoshoot.

Although the photos were taken innocently, the parents have since received harsh criticism online with many dubbing the fake ceremony as 'creppy' and 'cringe worthy'.

The mums told ABC News that the kids 'did pretty much everything themselves' and even added that they would 'would die of happiness if they got married in the future'.

They also insisted both kids were more than happy to take part.

But not everyone saw the photoshoot in an innocent light, with one person writing that the whole thing was 'one of the creepiest things' they've ever seen.

'What are the adults in these kids lives THINKING?' someone else wrote.

'Proposals; wedding gowns; the wedding itself? All something to be enjoyed in adulthood, not as children. Why can't kids have fun being children any more?'

Do you see an issue with the photos above?

Source: The Mirror