Wine lovers of the world panic over wine shortage fears

omg 27/10/2017

Global wine production is set to fall to its lowest level since 1961 while Australia's output is expected to rise 6 percent, international wine body OIV says.

World production is expected to fall to 246.7 million hectolitres in 2017, down 8 percent from 2016, due to harsh weather in western Europe damaging vineyards in the world's largest production area, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) said in its first estimates for the year.

In France, the weather has affected most of the main growing regions including Bordeaux and Champagne, and the government has projected production will sink to its lowest in decades.

The OIV's projections, which exclude juice and must (new wine), put Italian wine production down 23 percent at 39.3 million hectolitres, French output down 19 percent at 36.7 million and Spanish production down 15 percent at 33.5 million.

Fingers crossed this declind doesn't continue, or it might spell trouble for wine lovers!