These are the 10 most common personality types in the workplace


A psychologist has recently revealed the 10 different personality types of the workplace. Most likely you’ve encounter at least one person from each category in your life…

  • The Grafter – This person is the heads down and bum up type. You can always count on them to get the job done!
  • The Chatterbox – The name says it all really. THE source of office gossip, if something is happening (or about to happen) they’ll be the first to know.
  • The Workaholic – These people are pretty much married to the job. They arrive early and leave late.
  • The Comedian – Great for office morale! They’re always up for a laugh and are the life of the party at staff events.
  • The Big Talker – If something important is happening in their life, you’ll know about it because they’ll be telling everyone under the sun!
  • The Delegator – As soon as work arrives on this person's desk, it ends up landing on someone else’s.
  • The Juggler – A true multitasker. They have no issues with working on multiple things at once.
  • The Wallflower – They’re not overly into chit chat, you’ll tend to find them minding their own business and getting the job done.
  • The Micromanager – They’ll be watching you every step of the way...
  • The Charmer – They're smooth talking and will rarely find themselves in trouble - Because they can talk their way out of anything!

Recognise any of these in your workplace?

Source: DailyMail