This is what your personality type says about your sleep and dreams

we love 19/10/2017

A recent study into 'Pillow Personalities' has shown what effects our basic personality types have on our sleep and dreams.

The research looked at over 1000 people with different personality types and matched their types to their dreams and other habits...


  • People with lots of feelings and emotions are much more likely to sleep talk. They may even find themselves dreaming about family members often.


  • Those with a high level of intuition will often dream about being attacked and tend to have a restless nights sleep. They may also find themselves dreaming about losing control.


  • You may over think in real life and this is mirrored in your dreams. You often dream of things that are going on in real life rather than farfetched things. You use what your dreams say to influence your waking decisions.


  • Have very vivid dreams - so vivid from time to time the lines between reality and your mind blur. They tend to dream about scenarios in which they lose control and will often find themselves in an anxious environment.


  • Extroverts sleep well and often dream about something work related ie. a boss or coworker. They also use their dreams to show off their adventurous side, quite often they'll dream about travelling or going on grand adventures!