Woman accused of being 'worst bridesmaid ever' after trying to hijack photographer

omg 24/10/2017

In an open forum on Reddit, people were asked to share the most obnoxious things they've ever seen at a wedding. An anonymous bride opened up about something one of her bridesmaids did at her wedding and it turns out it's pretty common!

"One of the bridesmaids brought her fiancé to the wedding, and wanted our photographer to do an impromptu engagement photo shoot." the bride wrote.

She added that the photographer laughed at her request and it didn't end up happening.

People were quick to respond to her comment, with many saying they'd seen similar things happen before!

Someone else admitted that a family member had approached them before the wedding asking for individual family photos on the day while the photographer was there.

"I'm a wedding photographer." One person wrote. "Pretty much every wedding there's at least one family member who tries to hijack the portrait session and get a whole set of family portraits done."

But someone did offer a good suggestion to photographers on how to deal with these requests in the future. "If you want to come up and ask to book a photoshoot a different day that's fine here's a business card, but don't expect free work."  

Would you be annoyed if this happened at your wedding?

Source: Reddit