‘Cards Against Humanity’ game gets special parent spinoff

funny stuff 09/11/2017

The inappropriate word-card game ‘Cards Against Humanity’ now has a special edition that parents can definitely relate to.

If you’re a parent that loves playing the original card game at parties, then you’re bound to appreciate the dark humour that comes with KinderPerfect.

Originally launched onto Kickstarter by husband and wife Wayan and Amy Vota, they said they loved the original ‘Cards Against Humanity’ game, but thought there could be one that was better suited for those relatable parenting moments.

Called a ‘Timeout for Parents’, KinderPerfect highlights all those challenges parents face, from ‘Why is Mummy mad?’ to ‘What’s That Smell’ – some of the card pairings you could put together from their list of answers can only be funnier with a glass of Mummy Juice (aka wine.)

It’s been so popular that it’s already sold out on Amazon, but they’ve also offered expansion packs on their own website which can be used alongside the original ‘Cards Against Humanity’.