Being socially awkward is likely to make you more successful says study

omg 15/11/2017

A recent study by psychologist Ty Tashiro has found that being socially awkward may have links to 'striking talents'. The study believes that awkward people tend to be highly successful in some areas of life because of this.

"There is a stereotype in our culture that some people are too smart for their own good." Tashiro said.

"There's a finding in psychology that people who are socially awkward are also more likely to demonstrate what psychologists call "striking talent," which means that they have tremendous ability in a specific area."

"So we often like to say that people are "nerding out" about something. That's actually a very awkward kind of characteristic. You are super enthusiastic about it, you are super focused on it."

"But all of this focus and energy can sometimes result in expertise and can even result in times when they reach groundbreaking innovation or redefine the way that a field operates or thinks."

So next time you're feeling awkward in a social setting, just remember your skills might actually be hightened in other areas!

Source: Independent