Bride & bridesmaid celebrate their unique friendship with ridiculous photoshoot

funny stuff 09/11/2017

These best friends have used one of their wedding days to help celebrate a truly special friendship. During the husband and wife photoshoot the bride's best friend popped in for some hilarious and ridiculous pics.

Speaking about the photos, the bridesmaid said, "she's seen me through marriage, miscarriage, the birth of my daughter (who calls her Auntie). We decided we wanted to do something silly and memorable that really represents our friendship."

"The wedding party didn't know what we were doing at first, so when I started scrunching up my face under Rebecca's veil and making grunting and mooing sounds they were slightly horrified at first. They caught on quickly though and were laughing. Through all the heavy stuff in life, she's the laughter I need. She really is another part of me!"

Check out the silly pictures from the wedding day below...