Dad eats 18 year old biscuits his kids got for Halloween

funny stuff 02/11/2017

Karma came back to bite this Dad after he ate the biscuits his kids received on Halloween. He took a bite of the biscuits, but something wasn't quite right with it... He looked at the packaging and realised that the biscuit was infact 18 years old! 

"Think I've just eaten a biscuit (from a packet given to our kids while trick or treating) that went out of date 18 years ago. Not joking." the Dad wrote on Twitter.

"I sniffed them, looked at the biscuit side, which was quite white rather than the usual brown-ish colour, and it was then that I checked the sell-by date," he said to the HuffPost.

"That second bit ended up in the sink and I had to rinse my mouth and brush my teeth," he continued.

"My kids, Poppy and Eidy, found it hilarious this morning when I told them the story, as they were asleep when it all happened. They did point out that I shouldn't have been pinching their Halloween treats in the first place!"

Might pay to check the use by date next Halloween!