Dog owners earn more money than cat owners says study

omg 28/11/2017
The debate over which makes the better pet, cats or dogs has been raging for years. But some research has found some good news for those who are bigger fans of dogs.
The study from Manhattanville College in New York has looked into some of the differences in life between cat and dog owners, they found that dog owners were more likely to earn more money compared to cat owners!
Check out some other findings from the study below...
Dog owners are...
  • Generally happier than cat owners
  • More outgoing and sociable than cat owners
  • Are more likely to pay off their mortgage 
  • More likely to earn larger salaries than cat owners.

Cat owners are...

  • More likely to enjoy time to themselves
  • More likely to still be at home with their parents
  • Have 5% higher chance of not being married
  • Have a fewer number of friends on social media and in real life.
  • Love their cats less than dog owners love their dogs.