Hilarious family photo goes viral for its brutal honesty

funny stuff 29/11/2017

A family photo is quickly going viral online. The photo uploaded by Twitter user Emily Seawright has been liked hundreds of thousands of times online since it was uploaded on Sunday.

In the photo, each couple is holding a sign, Mum & Dad's sign reads 'excited' the others read 'engaged' and 'expecting' - giving some insight into some of the exciting things happening in their lives... But a quick scan across the photo shows the remaining daughter holding a sign that simply reads 'Emily', presumably a tounge and cheek jibe at her single relationship.

Twitter lit up with replies to the funny family pic, with many admitting to being the 'Emily' of their families.

"My current relationship status: 'Emily'" one person replied.

Obviously there's nothing wrong with being single, but it's nice to see such a happy and fun loving family.